Confucius once stated that the “destruction of a state begins with the destruction of its music.”

Music’s colossal influence never ceases to surprise us and is part of every sphere of our lives. It can affect historical events, change every one of us radically, disclose fantastic new worlds for us and immerse us in completely different realities. It can serve as a weapon in the hands of our enemies and simultaneously become a true panacea from all misfortunes.

MusicuM gives its readers insights into the lives and careers of the world’s most prominent musicians, covers musical events in depth and explores the past, exposes unique musical facts, offers surprising discoveries, and provides unexpected meetings… This magazine is a guide to the modern cultural world. One can hear the world by reading MusicuM.

MusicuM magazine is the product of “HECHO a MANO” publishing house, which is devoted to musical culture and was created under the patronage of Maestro Valery Gergiev.
It comes out six times a year and has a circulation of 30 000.

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